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Your domain is your representation online so we recommend selecting a domain name with care. As a general rule, it must be something simple to recall or should reflect your company so that customers can locate you with ease online. With us as your domain registration partner, you can choose from more than 50 domain extensions for your domain name - from the most popular .COM and .NET to country-specific TLDs, like .CO.UK or .DE.

Domain Registration With Website Web Hosting Services

  1. Speedy domain registration. Your site will be up and running in no more than an hour.
  2. Low domain registration fees. We work closely with some of the top domain name registration companies, which allows us to keep our domain prices low.
  3. Great domain name management interface. Our Domain Manager plan is loaded with tons of free, value-added services and it's really easy to use.
  4. Excellent technical support team. We offer 1 hour support reply time guarantee. And we are there for you, 24/7.

Domain Transfer

Want to move your domain names over to Website Web Hosting Services? We offer hassle-free service and affordable domain name transfers.

Reasons for transferring your domain to Website Web Hosting Services
  1. Zero Transfer Charges. We charge nothing for the moving process.
  2. Risk-Free Transfer. We will refund your payment if your transfer fails for any reason.
  3. An extra year will be added to your domain name registration after a successful transfer.

Extensions Supported

TLD 1 yr 2 yrs
.com C$0.00 C$21.28
.ca C$30.73 C$64.61
.org C$0.00 C$23.64
.net C$0.00 C$25.22 C$0.00 C$15.68
.academy C$50.43 C$100.86
.ae C$64.61 C$129.22
.agency C$37.82 C$75.64
.asia C$28.37 C$56.74
.at C$26.79 --
.bargains C$47.28 C$94.56
.be C$0.00 --
.bike C$51.99 C$103.98
.biz C$0.00 C$32.31
.boutique C$48.84 C$97.68
.broker C$45.69 C$91.38
.business C$22.06 C$44.12
.cafe C$55.95 C$111.90
.capital C$87.47 C$174.94
.cc C$37.04 C$74.08
.center C$36.25 C$72.50
.ch C$24.43 --
.cheap C$47.28 C$94.56
.church C$55.95 C$111.90
.city C$36.23 C$72.46
.club C$31.52 C$63.04
.cn C$0.00 C$28.37
.co C$52.01 C$104.01
.coffee C$51.99 C$103.98 C$48.85 -- C$33.10 C$66.20 C$28.37 --
.coach C$80.37 C$160.74
.codes C$80.37 C$160.74 C$22.06 C$44.11 C$0.00 C$28.37 C$79.59 C$159.18 C$52.01 C$104.02
.company C$23.64 C$47.28
.computer C$50.43 C$100.86
.consulting C$59.89 C$119.78
.cool C$50.43 C$100.86
.coupons C$73.28 C$146.56
.dance C$37.81 C$75.62
.de C$0.00 --
.deals C$50.43 C$100.86
.delivery C$76.42 C$152.84
.digital C$54.37 C$108.74
.dog C$83.51 C$167.02
.education C$43.34 C$86.68
.email C$39.40 C$78.80
.engineering C$80.37 C$160.74
.enterprises C$50.43 C$100.86
.es C$0.00 C$18.83
.estate C$50.43 C$100.86
.eu C$0.00 C$14.97
.events C$50.43 C$100.86
.expert C$80.37 C$160.74
.express C$50.43 C$100.86
.family C$47.28 C$94.56
.farm C$50.43 C$100.86
.fi C$27.58 C$55.16
.fitness C$50.43 C$100.86
.forsale C$47.28 C$94.56
.foundation C$45.70 C$91.40
.fr C$0.00 --
.fun C$0.00 C$50.43
.fyi C$32.31 C$64.62
.games C$41.76 C$83.52
.gr -- C$44.13
.group C$30.73 C$61.46
.guru C$54.37 C$108.74
.host C$121.35 C$242.70
.house C$57.51 C$115.02
.ie C$33.10 C$66.20
.irish C$30.73 C$61.46
.in C$27.58 C$55.16
.info C$0.00 C$37.04
.institute C$37.81 C$75.62
.international C$41.76 C$83.52
.it C$0.00 --
.jp C$58.31 --
.kitchen C$83.51 C$167.02
.land C$50.43 C$100.86
.life C$47.28 C$94.56
.ltd C$39.40 C$78.80
.marketing C$55.95 C$111.90
.me C$34.67 C$69.34 C$0.00 C$15.68
.media C$55.95 C$111.90
.mobi C$49.64 C$99.28
.money C$50.43 C$100.86
.mx C$83.53 C$167.06
.name C$25.22 C$50.44 C$23.64 C$47.26 C$0.00 C$28.37 C$33.10 C$66.20
.network C$44.13 C$88.26
.news C$43.34 C$86.68
.ninja C$43.34 C$86.68
.nl C$0.00 --
.nu C$34.67 C$69.34
.no C$22.06 --
.online C$0.00 C$50.43 C$29.94 C$58.29 C$0.00 C$28.37 C$33.10 C$66.20 C$0.00 C$15.68
.partners C$87.47 C$174.94
.parts C$51.99 C$103.98
.party C$45.70 C$91.40
.pet C$34.66 C$69.32
.ph C$113.47 C$226.94
.photos C$36.25 C$72.50
.photography C$47.28 C$94.56
.productions C$50.43 C$100.86
.pl C$44.13 C$88.26
.plus C$50.43 C$100.86
.press C$0.00 C$94.56
.pro C$37.04 C$74.08
.properties C$50.43 C$100.86
.pt C$29.94 --
.qa C$40.19 C$80.38
.recipes C$80.37 C$160.74
.rentals C$50.43 C$100.86
.repair C$50.43 C$100.86
.rocks C$29.16 C$58.32
.run C$0.00 C$36.25
.sale C$50.43 C$100.86
.school C$50.43 C$100.86
.se C$34.67 C$69.34
.services C$50.43 C$100.86
.shop C$55.93 C$111.86
.site C$0.00 C$50.43
.social C$50.43 C$100.86
.software C$50.43 C$100.86
.solutions C$41.76 C$83.52
.space C$0.00 C$41.76
.store C$0.00 C$77.22
.support C$38.60 C$77.20
.systems C$59.08 C$118.16
.team C$50.41 C$100.82
.tech C$0.00 C$77.22
.technology C$43.32 C$86.64
.tips C$43.32 C$86.64
.today C$38.60 C$77.20
.tools C$48.84 C$97.68
.top C$30.72 C$61.44
.training C$51.99 C$103.98
.tv C$56.73 C$94.56
.tw C$52.01 C$104.02
.us C$0.00 C$17.34
.uk C$0.00 C$15.68
.website C$0.00 C$42.55
.wine C$73.28 C$146.56
.ws C$45.70 C$91.40
.works C$50.43 C$100.86
.world C$50.43 C$100.86
.xyz C$25.22 C$50.44
.zone C$50.43 C$100.86