WordPress Out-of-the-Box

WordPress out-of-the box is all you need to get started to launch a blog or website.


When you select your hosting package with WebsiteWebHostingServices.com, WordPress is installed at no additional charge. Or, if preferred, you or Support can install the WordPress content platform after your account is set-up.


The Website Web Hosting Support team will install WordPress or any of the other content platform plugins included with your hosting account for free. That is correct – no additional charge.

Price Comparison

What about price?

When you register a domain name and select hosting from Website WebHostingServices.com your investment is will be between $59 dollars and $125 dollars a year. 

WordPress Out-of-the Box Image of Bronze Features Website Web Hosting Services

The graphic above outlines each of the top drawer features you get with a single hosting account. Notice 100 email accounts, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and so much more.

What About Up-Sells

There are no additional charges for hosting services or domain registration that WebsiteWebHostingServices.com provides. You are good to go right out-of-the box.

WordPress Out-of-The Box

WordPress out-of-the box comes fully featured with the essential tools you need to launch a website or blog.


It includes a ‘Dashboard’ that is easy to navigate. You can customize or adapt it to your preferences.


The top content block displays a ‘Welcome to WordPress!’.


Below it is a big blue button inviting you to ‘Customize Your Site’.


I would not do that right away. The reason is you might not like the default theme that is installed. Come back to this once you select your theme.

Below the blue button is the caption “…or change your theme completely.”


This is a link. If you click on it, you will be taken to the WordPress.org theme library. There you will find thousands of themes to select from.


What is important to realize is for a theme to be listed as a plugin with WordPress, the developer had to meet WordPress’s stringent development and quality guidelines. Any one of these themes would, when published with WordPress, be reliable.

Word Press Out-of-the Box Dashboard Website Web Hosting Services

Next Steps WordPress Out-of-The Box

Included on the WordPress out-of-the box dashboard is Next Steps.


Just as the name states, once you have your template selected and are ready to start adding content, these are hints of steps you should follow.


The list includes:

  • Write Your First Blog
  • Add an About Page
  • Set up Your Homepage
  • View Your Site.


Click on any one of these action items and you will be taken to the appropriate work area.


For example, if you click on ‘Add an About Page’, this links to the ‘Add New Page’ template.

WordPress Out-of-the Box Add Title Page Website Web Hosting Services

For this page, you could include in your title the word ‘About’ as in ‘About Us’, ‘About Me’, ‘About Your Business or Vision’ or something similar.


The content, of course, would match the title. That is, be About someone or something.

Page or Post Gutenberg WordPress Out-of-The Box

Whether creating a page or post, WordPress opens up with the Gutenberg block editor ready to add your content.


The Gutenberg plugin from WordPress allows a user to add content, images, videos, and much more via content in blocks.


Here is a list featuring most of the elements you use to add content to your webpage or blog post. You can review each of these and what they can do at GoGutenberg.com/blocks.

Image of Gutenberg list from WordPress out-of-the box

More Actions WordPress Out-of-The Box

The last column on the Welcome to WordPress get started dashboard is More Actions.


Similar to the list under Next Steps, each suggested action links to the appropriate feature – Widgets, Main Menus, etc.


Perhaps for anyone just starting with WordPress the ‘Learn more about getting started’ link is most important.


This opens to WordPress Support.


Just about anything you need to know about WordPress out-of-the box is available here.


You can learn about the WordPress community, its history, and more.


In the interest of getting your website or blog launched, the better place to jump in would be ‘First Steps With WordPress’. You will find this under the BASIC USAGE column.

Image of Actions list in WordPress out-of-the Box

What You Get With WordPress Out-of-The Box

Although there are other content platforms, WordPress is by far the most popular. What you get with WordPress out-of-the box is all the essentials you need to launch your website, blog, ecommerce store or hobby site.


Even more appealing is if you can learn how to drive a car, bake a cake, or shop on Amazon or eBay, you can be effective in launching a website presence through WordPress.


All that is required is a hosting provider, domain name, and a little patience. Website Web Hosting Services can provide the first two. You need to bring the third.


WebsiteWebHostingServices.com can provide the first two. You need to bring the third.

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