How to set big goals to achieve fantastic blogging success starts with a big idea.

Next, turn that big idea into goals.

How to Set Big Goals Achieve Fantastic Blogging Success

What is it you want to achieve?

Are you after followers, monetization, or both? How many followers are you after in the next 12-months? Or, how much money do you want your blog to generate in the next 12-months? A specific time parameter is important.

In a nutshell, how to set big goals for your blog starts with the result you desire. And then, turning the big goal into a roadmap of smaller tasks working their way to your desired result by a specific date.

How to Set Big Goals and Then What’s Next

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You’ve identified your blog big goals. You are finally going to take control and create that blog you’ve been thinking about for ages.

Along with your blog big goal, you have given yourself a deadline. It reads something like, “By xxx date I will have xxx (followers, dollars, etc.) through my blog.

Now you sit back and think how good it is going to be when you achieve that big goal. You’ve got this handled. Right?

Or do you?

Whether you are trying to break an old habit or replace a bad one with a new one, the thought has always been that if you make a positive decision toward change, that is half the battle.

Unfortunately, more often than not, this type of lofty goal setting is the path to failure. And, it definitely does not fit into any sort of blogging.

How to Set Big Goals Requires Planning

Why is that? Why do blogging goals have short life spans for many would be bloggers?

The problem with blog goal setting is that we often focus only on the end result and not how to achieve it.

For example, as a blogger you might say you want five thousand followers in the next 12-months.

That is a worthy big blog goal. But without a plan in place to make that a reality, nothing is going to happen.

The missing link on how to set blog big goals is a plan.

Set Big Goals Plan Your Blog Website Web Hosting Services

Big Goal Plan for Bloggers

Big goal plans for bloggers is nothing more than a roadmap for getting to where you want to be.

When it comes to goal achievement, having no plan is like an ice-cream sundae without the ice cream. A plan is the core ingredient to blogging success.

What can you do to create a workable blog plan to achieve your big goals?

Here are four suggestions on how to set big goals for your blog. Not one is rocket science. Each you are likely familiar with.

1. Break the Big Goals into Manageable Tasks

If you have a blog big goal to have five thousand followers in the next 12-months, how are you going to do it?

The first step is to break the blog big goal into manageable tasks.

Whatever the big goal is, chunk it down into smaller slices. For example, work back from the deadline to today. Then break the blog big goal into weekly and daily tasks.

2. Map the Smaller Tasks on a Daily Calendar

Map the Smaller Tasks on a Daily Calendar

Now that you know the tasks that need to be completed to achieve the blog big goal, map them on your calendar or planner.

For example, let’s say to achieve five thousand subscribers in the next 12-months you are going to post a new article on your blog at least three times a week. Map each of those activities, along with the time to do it, on your calendar.

Creating this entry on your planner is like making an appointment with a million-dollar client. You are a million-dollar machine, right? So, hold yourself accountable just as if you were meeting with a high-profile customer, athlete, or movie star.

The point is big wins are made up of small incremental accomplishments. You can do this. Plan it. Add it to your calendar or scheduler. Stick to it. Hold yourself accountable.

How to Set Big Goals Means Tracking Progress

3. How to Set Big Goals Means Tracking Progress

Tracking progress toward each goal is a critical step in how to set big goals.

Measuring progress is a visual cue. It pictorially displays where you are.

Whether using a graph, chart, or column of numbers, being able to see your progress provides many benefits. Two of them are: a) need for adjustment, and b) reward.

a) Need for Adjustment

By not tracking your progress, you have no idea as to where you are. You will not know for certain if you are even making progress or falling behind.

Tracking incremental progress toward the big goal will tell you if you are ahead or behind. If you are making positive progress or not.

For example, can you imagine Olympic swimmers in training simply diving into the pool, doing laps, and then heading to the change room when finished?

Absolutely not. They will want to know how much time each lap took. They’ll want to compare the times with previous laps. This tells them whether they are improving or not. And, if falling behind, it signals time for change or at least a review.

The same concept holds true for you in working on your blog big goal. Tracking or measuring will not only tell you if you are on track for the deadline, it will also give you insight as to where you might have fallen behind. Knowing that could be the answer to what needs to be changed to get you back on track.


Regardless of the blog big goal, there needs to be reward. But not just a reward at the end. Achievement rewards are important as you make progress.

In any work environment, positive recognition goes far to having good behavior or accomplishments repeated. It is no different for you. Set specific milestones. As you achieve each, give yourself some sort of recognition. Reward yourself for achieving each mini target on your way to your blog big goal.

4. End Date is Big Goal Check-Up Time

In all things, even life, there is a beginning and an end. Unlike arriving at the end of life, arriving at the target or end date for your big goal you can reassess and start over if you want. Yes, a do-over is possible. In fact, recommended.

For example, let’s say you didn’t achieve 100% outcome of what you targeted. Do a checkup. Do you see any causes, missed opportunities, times you may have let things slide, and so forth?

And yes, be totally selfish. Whether personal or business, the big goal was yours to achieve. Assuming it was realistic, why was it not achieved?

Armed with the new information, you are now much better prepared for your next big goal.

Summary: How to Achieve Your Big Goals More Easily

How to set big goals and achieving them is best accomplished when they are broken into smaller chunks and mapped out on a calendar.

Tracking progress is critical. Assessing where you are when working toward a big goal will alert you to issues that might be holding you back and opportunities for changes that just might improve chances of achieving your big goal.

A do-over is possible. At minimum, whether the big goal is 100% achieved or only partially reached, you will learn from the experience. This will benefit you immensely when you move on to your next blog big goals.

There is much more to how to set big goals for your blog. And, if you want to discover how a couple of people did turn their blog into a million-dollar income, complete the form below.

There are many roads to blogging success. Some are filled with potholes. Others are nicely paved. But the most effective and fastest road is the one traveled by those who have successfully mapped the journey. That’s what the folks at A Beautiful Mess did. Regardless of what you are blogging about, you can learn from them.

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