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How to Sell Domain Names
No Web Hosting Required

How to sell domain names is an online business niche gaining more and more popularity. One of the principle reasons for this is because other than your investment to buy domain names there is very little additional costs.


If we were to map out how to sell domain names as a process, in its simplest form it would be:

1. purchase domain name,
2. list domain name with domain name reseller like Sedo.

No Web Hosting Required to Sell Domain Names

The above two steps meet the basic criteria for domaining, buy and sell. But what about the third opportunity for domainers – monetization?


In addition to profiting off of the sale of the domain name, monetizing a domain name is another way to make money selling domains. The question then is if you do not have any web hosting, how can you monetize the domain name?

No Hosting Means No Landing Page and No Sales Funnel

With web hosting, a domainer can create a landing page with a sales funnel.


When someone searches for that domain name or lands on the page, if they are not interested in purchasing the domain name, the page would have monetized links that the visitor might follow when exiting.


These links often lead to an affiliate offer or related monetization opportunity.

Domain Parking Earn Money While Waiting to Sell Your Domains

When it comes to monetizing domain names you own without incurring the cost of web hosting, the most promising solution is domain parking.


Domain parking is a service offered by a number of domain resellers. Your challenge is to choose the one who will best serve you.


There are different ways to park domain names you own.

For example, Website Web Hosting Services offers people who register domain names through them a couple of domain parking solutions.


Domains registered through Website Web Hosting Services allows the domain owner to choose from different domain parking templates. Each of the domain for sale templates have space for the owner to add affiliate links and other creatives to their parked listing.

Domain Parking Service Through Domain Reseller

Another alternative is to use the domain parking service of a domain name reseller. Domain name resellers, like Sedo or Domain Buyers Market, have listings of internet addresses that are privately owned or owned by other domain name resellers. In many ways you could look on them as a broker. They handle the sales transaction between the buyer and seller.


Sedo, for example, offers this service to anyone who lists their domain names for sale with them. On their domain parking page, they list four benefits to the domain owner:
• Earn money by advertising,
• Easy to set up and completely free,
• Parked sell twice as fast as offline domains,
• Gain valuable visitor statistics.


By-the-way, Sedo presents themselves as “the world’s largest marketplace for web addresses”. And, per their landing page, they also offer the largest selection of selling options in the domain market. It’s for this reason you will find domain names I have for sale listed with Sedo.

How to Sell Domain Names No Web Hosting Required

A domainer is someone who buys and sells domain names. A domainer will often park and monetize the domain names they own.


Monetization is on Parked domain names is generally through links to third party services or products. The domain owner receives a small commission either each time a link is clicked or when a purchase is made.


MetaDomainer is a tool that allows domainers who sell domain names to create park pages with affiliate links. As a MetaDomainer subscriber, you also receive free listings on the MetaDomainer domain name listing site. This gets you additional exposure to sell domain names.


Sedo is an example of a third-party provider who markets and sells domain names for domainers. In addition to the many services Sedo provides, domain name parking allows the domain name owner to monetize the domain names they have listed with Sedo.


Website Web Hosting Services is a recommended domainer service provider. In addition to domain name registration and backorder services, Website Web Hosting Services provides domain name owners with fully featured hosting, email, and Parking services. A key benefit is that Website Web Hosting Services provides domain owners three email address with every domain name – no hosting required.