Meta Domainer Draw Dropping WordPress Plugin Gets Results

Meta Domainer is a WordPress plugin I accidently stumbled upon while searching for a solution to a challenge one of my clients was having.

I was not looking for Meta Domainer. In fact, what Meta Domainer can do is not even remotely close to a solution for my client’s domain issue.

But there it was. I queried a few keywords and in one group of listings was a brief description of Meta Domainer and a link.

Meta Domainer Logo

Meta Domainer Review Later Folder

As is my custom, when something catches my eye at a time when I need to stay focused on the problem at hand, I moved the link to a “Review Later” folder I keep handy. When I was in school, I actually called my review later folder “Nuggets” as I always found a few nuggets of gold in stuff I had set aside for later.

When I did get a few minutes to mine through what I had set aside, I was floored. I have been working online since 2008. That is more than a decade as of this writing. I have invested, nice word for wasted in many regards, thousands in software, plugins, and, yes, the new shinny. In all that time I had never come across anything like Meta Domainer.

Dan and and Gene Who?

More embarrassingly, I did not recognize the names of the Meta Domainer founders, Dan and Gene.

You will find more information about Dan at His moniker includes
the words “Idea Guy, Author, Consultant” and I believe I saw “…all around nice
” After watching his tutorials, no disagreement from me. In fact, I would venture
he is straight up.

Gene is Gene Pimentel of Master Domaining. He is an expert domainer. From watching him in a few videos, I found him to be discerning, never bragging about his accomplishments, and genuine. Thumbs up in my books.

A Decade and Thousands of Dollars

So why do I share these thoughts with you?

Remember what I mentioned above – more than a decade and thousands of dollars. I have gained a costly graduation diploma in that the value of a product or service, WordPress plugin, is only worth the person or people behind it.

If you want to put this philosophy to a test, look through your inventory of apps, plugins, software. If you are a WordPress, Joomla, Drupal fan look through the list of gone by the wayside plugins. Check your mobile device. How many apps do you have that need to be updated but the developer is hibernating somewhere in cyber space?

What About Support

If none of that catches your attention, then what about support?

Especially if you are providing a service to someone else, you need help when your client needs help.

So back to Meta Domainer, Gene and Dan. They say they are in for the long haul. They say, well I heard Dan say, he has a vision for what Meta Domainer can grow to be. I believe them.

Meta Domainer Ideal for Niche Markets

My niche is assisting DIYers who want to have a web presence but do not want to have to invest heavily into it. My client make-up is small busines owners, professionals, service providers, shops, garages, warehouses, and so on who want to be found but do not need a lot of site maintenance. For the most part, with the exception of occasional tweaks and updates, it is build it and leave it.

Meta Domainer is ideal for them. Its crushing me because what use to take me a few hours now can be done in minutes.

How do I bill that time out? I can hear the client, “Ah, let’s see it took you 11-minutes and your invoice is for how much?”

Meta Domainer has laid to rest numerous passwords and having to track access to multiple WordPress sites. Imagine, fill in the default Contact Us field, add the default header, the default Privacy statement, and so on. Click update. Check to make sure everything looks right. Grab the html or, better yet, PHP, and take the rest of the day off. That is the potential Meta Domainer lays at your feet.

No Affiiate Relationship

By-the-way, you likely noticed I used the brand name, Meta Domainer, a gazillion times. But what you did not see is any link. Not one.


Because I am not an affiliate. There is no gain for me to be bragging up this product other than to say I like to hang with nice guys. More importantly, it is rare to come across a product that has so much potential.

In closing, this post was not meant as a review of Meta Domainer. It is a recommendation that you at least check it out.

Here is a link to Meta Domainer’s home page

Website Web Hosting Services Members Master Class

And below is the video I did for the introduction to a Website Web Hosting Services members Master Class on Meta Domainer. It’s a little better than 7 minutes. What you will learn is that with a Website Web Hosting Services hosting account, installation of Meta Domainer only takes minutes.

Additionally, URL Redirection, an upsell with many hosting providers, is included with all hosting packages. This feature will be important, especially if you are a Domain reseller.