How to Pick the Right Domain Name

How to pick the right domain name starts with you taking ownership of your blog or website. This means owning your domain name and having your own website hosting.

How to Pick the Right Domain Name Website Web Hosting Services

Using a free hosting service is not wise because you are not in control.

A free hosting service means you have less flexibility and there is much less overall security for longevity.

In this Module 1 of Blogging for Profit, we start out discussing the minimum requirements to actually own your website.

If you are serious about blogging success and making money online, then this is the way to go.

Three Key Elements Blogging for Profit

Module 1 tackles the three key elements for launching your own blog or website.

The minimum requirements for success are:

1. domain name,

2. hosting provider, and

3. Content Management System.

Like baking a cake or putting together a jig saw puzzle, there are essential ingredients or pieces. This same philosophy holds true to launch your website or blog. The above are the three essential ingredients for making money online.

Before selecting hosting and a content management system (CMS), it is highly recommended you come up with your domain name. This is the first initiative in launching a website or blog.

Domain Name Pick the Right One

Similar to launching a business with a storefront, naming your business is an important decision. When people walk by and look at the name outside the store, generally it reflects what they will find inside.

Pick the Right Domain Name Website Web Hosting Services

The same thinking holds true for naming your website or blog.

This is especially important if you are focused on blogging for profit. At the basic level, the name you choose ought to reflect what it is you are offering.

However, that is not always so. For example, look at the names of two top search engines, Google and Bing.

Web users know exactly what to expect from them. But, if you had never heard of Google before, would you know that it is a search engine?

Another example is Microsoft. It changed its brand from Office 365 to Microsoft 365. The Microsoft brand is well known. But do you know what Microsoft 365 is?

For most entrepreneurs and small businesses on the web, having a domain name that touches on or reflects what the reader will find, is better for a number of reasons.

Those reasons and more are reviewed in the series Blogging for Profit.

How to Pick the Right Domain Name Summary

The contents of Module 1 include:

o How to Pick the Right Domain Name

o Domain Name and Search Engine Optimization

o Branding

o Right Domain Name is Short

o Country Specific Domain Name

o Structure of a Domain Name

o Summary How to Pick the Right Domain Name

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