Earn income affiliate marketing? Absolutely. For sure. Can be done. Can even be for you.

There are many people who make affiliate marketing their only income source. Yes, no more day or night job. No more missed children events or special moments with the people who are important to you.

Are special skills required? Do you need to be an internet wizard? What about technology and equipment? What do you need to earn income affiliate marketing?

Earn Income Affiliate Marketing While You Sleep

That is the ultimate dream isn’t it? Earn money while you sleep. That is the goal of bloggers and people who own web properties or websites.

Affiliate marketing is all about passive income. The idea of how to earn money while you sleep is simple. And, it works. There are many affiliate marketing passive income millionaires.

But it just didn’t happen overnight for them. Okay, there is the occasional exception. But that is rare. So uncommon that it probably matches with your chance of winning the lottery. But like winning the lottery, it can happen.

Overnight success earning passive income through affiliate marketing is not the norm. It is not what you should focus on. Slow and steady wins the race every time.

If you have ever seen the Midas commercial, the formula is “First you get good. Then you get fast.” That is also the formula to earn income affiliate marketing!

Not All Affiliate Marketing Offers Are For You

The list that follows touches on guidelines for getting started in marketing someone else’s product or service. Not all affiliate offers are for you. And, not all are genuine.

Earn Income Affiliate Marketing Scams


No surprise. There are scammers who will try to entice you into their affiliate marketing offer. You probably already know this. But as in all things on the world wide web, Caveat emptor. Caveat emptor is Latin for Buyer beware.

When reviewing an affiliate offer, look to see if the provider has a support system built in. Check to see if there are affiliate tools you can use. And, is the affiliate product being promoted through a reputable affiliate marketing provider.

Selecting the Right Affiliate Offering

To earn an income affiliate marketing, you need a few tools. Let’s start with how you are going to market affiliate offerings.

Selecting the right affiliate offerings should match the niche where your followers are.

If you are just starting out and don’t have a list of followers, then select an affiliate program that offers a pre-made affiliate website or an affiliate offering you can easily blend into your website or blog.

In other words, you need a medium to reach people. Yes, some affiliate products or services can be marketed offline. The majority, however, are focused on you having a web presence.

That is where your lead capture page or website comes in. Whichever you are using, or in some cases both, works best when the affiliate offering matches your content. In other words, if your website or blog is about widgets, your readers are much more likely to click on an affiliate link on widgets than they would on something that is not even remotely connected to widgets.

Sharing Value Through Content Epic Affiliate Marketing Tactic

There are many ways to promote an affiliate offering. One of the better methods is to provide value added content to your followers and readers who land on your website or lead capture page.

Value added content means not rehashing the same-old stuff that a reader can search for and find on other sites promoting the same affiliate offering. Yes, I didn’t mention it before, but you do realize you will not be the only person promoting an affiliate product, right?

Value added content means, it is in your best interest to not simply post word-for-word copy provided by the product or service owner.

Great content means looking at the affiliate offering from the perspective of your market niche and identifying how it will solve a problem your readers are having. It only makes sense that you would be promoting products or services that are relevant to your readers. Put your unique perspective on the offering. Your insight will resonate with your readers much better than the generic promotion offered by the affiliate product owner.

Other Ways to Earn Income Affiliate Marketing

  • Banner – create a personalized banner. Include it as part of your email signature.
  • Social Media – Where do your readers and followers hangout? It is not necessary to be on every social media platform. Focus on the one or two platforms where you niche is likely to be found.
  • Email Marketing – Agreed, you need a list. But even if you only handful start with them. Ask them to share your email. Offer an incentive for referrals.

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day Patience Is Important

Have you heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? This neatly sums up a challenge beginner affiliate marketers face. Rome wasn’t built in a day, be patient.

Unless you have a follower list of thousands, there is no over night success. In fact, even with a list of thousands, there is no guarantee that the product you are marketing will catch on right away.

Like a bricks-and-mortar store, sales take time. That is why once you launch your first affiliate product, move on to the next one.

Do not entirely forget about the first one. The content and lead capture page will require tweaks from time-to-time. And, you will want to check your statistics. Google Analytics is a good place to start looking at analytics.

Summary Earn Income Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to kick-off an income stream through the internet. Not all offerings are equal. Some are scams so Caveat emptor.

Affiliate products or services should match your market niche. Best results are achieved when the affiliate offering matches the content of your website and focuses on what your readers are interested in.

Many affiliate offerings include scripts or content you can use to promote the product or service. Modify the content to make it more personal and relevant to challenges your followers or niche encounter. This will also provide better SEO (search engine optimization).

There are many ways to promote affiliate offerings. Social media, email distribution, banners, and more. Work with the one that will give you the most traction.

Finally, huge overnight income is rare. Be patient. Stay focused. Occasional tweaks may be required. Check your analytics. Stick with it.

Question: What suggestion would you give someone just starting in affiliate marketing?
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