3 Dollar and Sense Reasons Domainers Choose Website Web Hosting Services

Domainers choose Website Web Hosting Services for many reasons. In this article, we will touch on three dollar and sense reasons why. But first, in case you are wondering about who a domainer is or are new to domaining, let’s clarify what we mean by ‘domainers’.

What or Who Are Domainers

The definition of the term domainer that I share with others is borrowed from Domain Sherpa.


The short version is “Domaining is the process of buying, selling and monetizing domain names for profit.


The more detailed explanation includes, “A domainer is an individual or company that actively engages in the buying, selling, marketing, monetization and publishing of internet domain names and other related web and or internet-based properties.


Domainers often generate income through domain parking and/or website development, with the main purpose of generating revenue from advertising click through and/or selling a property for a multiple of the cost to develop the website.

The short version, to me, is not only concise but better emphasizes what a domainer does and why.

Domaining is the process of …

  • buying,
  • selling,
  • monetizing.


The ease of achieving those three targets – buy, sell, monetize – is the foundation of why Website Web Hosting Services is the ideal domain registration and hosting provider for domainers.

Start With A Hosting Account

What Domainers Do Website Web Hosting Services

Domain names are the inventory of a domainer. True, some domainers search for and negotiate the purchase of domain names owned by others for their clients. And yes, some domainers have a clientele of other domainers who they market and sell domains for.


However, for the majority of domainers buying, selling, and monetizing is the bread-and-butter.


You can buy a domain name at one registrar and host that domain at another. Many domainers do this. For me, the advantages of using Website Web Hosting Services to register and host domains far outweigh the potential pitfalls.


As an aside, at Website Web Hosting Services I have the Gold Plan. Gold sort of sounds expensive. It really isn’t.


The Gold plan includes unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites hosted, unlimited email accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, free SSL, URL Redirection, and much more.


Plus, the Hepsia (not cPanel) dashboard requires minimal smarts to do just about anything you would want to do in domaining.

Adding to Your Domainer Inventory

Once you have a hosting account, Website Web Hosting Services makes it truly easy to buy immediately or backorder a domain name. By-the-way, investing in domain names is a science and an art.

Science of Domaining

The science is uncovering important data about a domain name before buying it. An important lesson I learned was to avoid buying a domain name unless you have a purpose for it.

Art of Domaining

The art of being a domainer is knowing what domain names will be valuable in the future. More specifically, investing in domain names today for a sale down the road.

Immediate Purchase and Backordering

The two avenues to buy a domain name that we will review is immediate purchase and backordering.


Immediate Purchase

Immediate purchase is just as the name implies. A domain name you are interested in is available now. To purchase it, on your Website Web Hosting Services dashboard you would use the Register Domain Name feature.

Domainers Register Domain Names Website Web Hosting Services
Domainers Backorder Filter Website Web Hosting Services


You would use the Website Web Hosting Services Backorder feature for domain names expiring in the next five days. There is no additional service fee or charge to backorder domain names. You only pay whatever the cost is to register a domain name.


The backorder feature allows you to filter the list of domain names expiring in the next 5 days. That is thousands of names so filtering by length, dictionary words, expiry date, etc. is important.

By-the-way, at Website Web Hosting Services all dot com TLDs (Top Level Domains) are priced at their regular annual renewal rate. That is, you will not see a lower price for year one and then be bumped up to a significantly higher price in year two and beyond as some other registrars do.

Summary 3 Dollar and Sense Reasons Domainers Choose Website Web Hosting Services

Three dollar and sense reasons domainers choose Website Web Hosting Services are:

  • inexpensive feature rich hosting,
  • quick register for available domain names,
  • domain backorder with filtering.


For experienced and newbie domainers, Website Web Hosting Services is the go-to provider for securing, managing, and marketing their inventory of domain names.