Blogging self-discipline, 3 Easy How to Secrets, summarizes initiatives champion bloggers implement.

Two you will recognize as steps you could implement in any area of your life. One might come as a surprise. Each of these blogging self-discipline initiatives is meant to challenge you.

The achievement you can be confident in is if you implement these three recommendations, you will have more quality content to post on your website. This means more delighted readers.

Blogging Self-discipline Accountability Team

Blogging Self-Discipline No Will Power

Willpower, that is a catch-all word for not identifying what is really holding you up. If you are like most people, from time-to-time you have likely thought, “I have no willpower”.

What is sad is many people believe the ability to stay on task, stay focused, get things done is a character trait you are born with. In other words, either you have self-discipline, or you don’t.

Often, as in blogging self-discipline, reality is different than truth. Fact, you can develop self-discipline. You can get all the things done that need to be done. You can do this by following easy to implement non-threatening straightforward steps.

3 Easy How to Secrets for Blogging Self-Discipline

1. Identify Your Blogging Goal

Trains run on tracks.


If you are thinking “Because that is how they were designed.” You would only be partially right.

Trains, street cars, subway cars, run on rails because it is efficient. There are no unplanned routes. There are no side trips, unless to park in a siding so other trains can pass. There is no wondering what is next, where are we headed.

Each time a train leaves a station, the next destination, the next stop, is predetermined.  That is efficient and productive.

Blogging self-discipline is no different. You cannot possibly keep yourself on track to get more followers, sell more product, build your email list if you have nothing mapped out to reach your destination.

Secret number 1, identify the goal for your blog. What are you after? How will you know when you achieve the goal? What are the markers or milestones along the way?

Layout the tracks for your blogging goals and your destination will be within reach.

2. Adjust Your Habits

With a destination on your radar, now you need to adjust your habits for success.

Habits are daily routines that, for the most part, we do not even realize we are doing.

An article posted on Farnham Street Media states, “Nothing will change your future trajectory like your habits. … Habits are algorithms operating in the background that power our lives. Good habits help us reach our goals more effectively and efficiently. Bad ones make things harder or prevent success entirely. Habits powerfully influence our automatic behavior.” 

Automatic behavior can be a blessing or a nemesis.

Brushing your teeth is a habit. It is a good habit. Taking out the garbage is another example of a good habit. You do these things automatically.

Streaming movies, napping on the sofa, creeping your friends on Facebook, or elsewhere on social media, are generally time wasters. They are also things you do just out of habit.

They are examples of the type of habit activities you need to adjust.

It might mean disengaging the automatic messenger pop-ups. Or logging out of your email account so new mail alerts do not distract you.

Coffee breaks are another habit. Yes, you need to be hydrated. But plan the number of breaks you will take.

A recommendation to help identify your habits is to create a habit log. And, yes, this is another habit. But it will prove to be beneficial.

Blogging Self-discipline Habit Log

You can easily create a habit log by listing headings on a piece of paper.

For example, let’s say you schedule 9 AM through 11:30 AM to work on your blog.

Have your habit log beside you. Mark 9 AM at the top. Next, anytime you are interrupted from working your blog, on your habit log record the time and what you are doing.

Do this for a few days. Then review what you have logged. I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised at how many little things pop in and out that would generally go

The majority will be habit adjustments you will have to evaluate. Some will be keepers. Others need to be stopped.

3. Cultivate Network Other Bloggers

Blogging self-discipline is not easy. That is why it is important to cultivate a network of successful bloggers to hang with – either in person or virtually.

Not sure about this?

Who do you think gold medal Olympians surround themselves with?

Of course, other champions.

Put another way, successful bloggers surround themselves with other successful bloggers.

If you want to achieve your blogging goals, then you need to be with achievers who have made the journey you are on.

You can do this by finding two-or-three others who have similar ambitions. They can be in the same niche or a totally different blogsphere. What is important is that they be blogging.

With your small group, share your goals. Hold one another accountable. 

What you will discover is success breeds success. Each of you will grow.

As an aside, a challenge many bloggers face is isolation. The majority of us work on our own.

True, we may have virtual assistants. We may have graphic designers. We may even have content creators or researchers. But even if we contract with someone to fill each of these positions, they will be elsewhere. In general, bloggers work in a home office, not a public workspace.

That is another reason why your accountability group will be meaningful. And, it is also why you need to schedule your time to attend other blogging related functions.

Summary: Blogging Self-Discipline 3 Easy How to Secrets

Blogging Self-discipline 3 Easy How to Secrets, identified actions you can take today that will put you on the track to blogging success.

The three tips can be summarized as identify your blogging goals, watch your habits, they are sneaky time wasters, and find two or three motivated bloggers to share your journey with.

Success in any venue requires discipline and initiative. Each of these can be cultivated. They can be learned. You can do this.  

Question: What would you say is the toughest challenge you face when blogging?
Let us know in the comments below.