Blogging for profit walks you through step-by-step how easy it is to launch a blog, a website, or a combination blog-website.

By-the-way, because of easy domain registration and hosting through providers like Website Web Hosting Services International, it is inexpensive to register and host your own blog or website. You should not have to pay big bucks to launch your blog or website.

Blogging for Profit How to Seize Your Online Potential

Less Than 10-Minutes to Get Online

Registering a domain name is generally the first hiccup in blogging for profit or starting as a web business or information entrepreneur.

It does not have to be that way.

Easy domain registration and launching your blog or website is something you can do in less than 10-minutes.

That is right. You can get up and running in less than 10-minutes.

Blogging for Profit What About Once Online

But, what then?

What do you do after you launch your blog or website?

The answer, in one word, lots.

There is administrative stuff that needs to be handled. For example, if you are to be compliant you require a privacy policy. And, there are a few other common pages that should be considered. We will cover those and more when we digest administration in later modules.

For now, our principle focus is on you launching your website or blog in less than 10-minutes.

Website, Blog, Website-Blog Combination

Master Mind Introduction (replay)

In reading through the modules, it might appear as if we are speaking about a website and a blog as two separate entities.

They can be. 

You can have just a website.

Websites are made up of pages. You could have just one page, a sales funnel for example, or as many pages as you like. They can be just content (words), just images as in a gallery, video, or any combination. Images of products for sale with a write-up for each one, for example.

You can have just a blog where you post information on an ongoing basis. Posts can include images, audio, and video content just like a website.

Examples of blogs include a news blog, political commentary blog, or specialty blog, personal journal blog, video blog, and so forth.

And yes, on just a blog or just a website you can sell stuff, do affiliate marketing, or implement other ways to make money. The term monetization is commonly used on the internet to describe various ways to make money online.

Website and Blog Combination

Generally, for business and infopreneurs, a website-blog combination is most common. That is, a website with static pages, content that rarely requires updates, and a blog where fresh content is being added regularly.

For example, Julie owns CoffeeBoutique534. She has a website-blog combination. She has specific pages about where she imports her coffee from, how it is roasted, how she supports fair trade practices, best brewing practices, and products she sells. This is information that needs little maintenance and is rarely updated.

On the same website, she blogs. She shares information her clients and followers are interested in. For example, let’s say she has an upcoming tasting. She might blog about the different beans that will be used for the tasting. She might blog about how her followers can have a home tasting party.

Website or Blog Which Is Better

Can someone have just a website or just a blog?


For example, a salesperson might want a website about what she sells, a little bit about herself, and how to contact her. This allows her to post on social media with a link back to her page as compared to linking back to the corporate page.

This is a tactic many commission salespeople use to grow their business.

An example of just having a blog would be someone who has information that they want to share and invite others to comment on. It could be on a specific topic, the mating habits of bats for example. Or it could be simply a place to rant.

When it comes to websites and blogs or website-blog combinations, the applications are only limited by what one can conceive as an idea.

Generally, if you are interested in making money online, a website-blog combination delivers more followers. When it comes to search-engine optimization (SEO), fresh quality content, at this time, is what gets higher rankings. Higher rankings means your content is closer to the top when someone searches online. This means that you have a better chance of being found through organic search.

When it comes to the world wide web, reasons to have a presence online are endless. That’s why it is essential to have a guide. You wouldn’t attempt to climb Mount Everest on your own, regardless of the amount of training you have, would you? The same analogy holds for launching a web presence.

The purpose of these training modules is to help you avoid the loose rocks, the slippery slopes, and wasting time. You will do that by avoiding the many costly errors, mistakes, and do overs that my associates and I suffered.

Blogging for Profit Module 1

Up to this point, we have covered that you can get online in less than 10-minutes. There is administration and ongoing maintenance required. And, you can have just a blog, just a website, or a combination of blog and website.

Plus, and this is often the goal of many launching an internet presence, you can make money. You do that by marketing your products or services, selling someone else’s products or services, by doing both yours and someone else’s, or any combination of a myriad of ideas. Possibilities on the world wide web are endless.

The steps and video tutorial below walk you through how easy it is to register a domain name and launch your blog, website, or combination blog-website.

Module 1 will open with the essential components required to have your own web presence.

How to Launch a Blog or Website in Under 10 Minutes

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